Every Hero (An Overwatch Song)

by Kyle Okaly

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I learned the word "mondegreen" while writing this song: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondegreen

American writer Sylvia Wright coined the term in 1954, writing about how as a girl she had misheard the lyric "...and laid him on the green" in a Scottish ballad as "...and Lady Mondegreen".

Anyway, here's a song about Overwatch!

Here's the song with visual aids: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIMdb6nlrq4

Here's the animated music video by Carbot Animations: www.youtube.com/watch?v=peRv-gEXBHw

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I got the call that they’re building the team up again
The ones who saved humankind from robot war way back when

From Hanamura up to King’s Row, dogmatic scrappin' of junk
Route 66, Nepal Shrine, hard act to follow but I’m

Up to the task, I’m watchin' over the world
And really rockin' this mask
I’m Soldier 76, but I won’t be the last
'Cause every hero alive will be comin' in fast

Your number’s up, your reaper’s here
No trace or hint of mercy, fear, or sorrow
And tomorrow you’ll be gone

You guys should quit while you’re down, I know you’re feelin' the heat
But if you’re hangin' around, I got a friend you should meet

Whatever you do, it don’t make her scared
It just make her win, stun and kill, none are spared

And as you lose don’t devalue my creative ways
To cram these crazy names into phrases easily absorbed
Like a zero-weight monk-robot orb

Your number’s up, your reaper’s here
No trace or hint of mercy, fear, or sorrow
And tomorrow you’ll be gone

I just got another call
They said some of the team will be late
Here’s a list of all of their names
Organized by arrival date

We’ve got Ana, Sombra, Orisa, Doomfist
Also Moira, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball, Ashe

And if another call I receive contains some new RSVPs
We can add their names to that list, there are probably more

Things aren’t working so perfectly this time around
A crazy string of bad luck is really bringin' us down

Completely unfair again, jeez, it’s so bizarre
Ya know we’re gonna lose, see? Oh, this is by far the worst kind of

Kismet, rough luck
When you’re humanity’s bastion of hope, but you suck
We’re missing all of our shots, and yada yada, we’re dead
I recommend we surrender, put our hands overhead

Our number’s up, our reaper’s here
These monsters show no mercy, fear, nor sorrow
And tomorrow we’ll be



released December 13, 2018




Kyle Okaly Los Angeles, California

I'm Kyle. I write music for film and games.

Sometimes I also write esoteric songs.

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